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Upcoming Events


Featured Designer:

Alyne Rivini

June 14-15, 2024

Alyne’s gowns embody simple luxury and pure design. Luxurious fabrics and unexpected details make for effortless, modern silhouettes of curated gowns that evoke ingenuity through simple sophistication and fresh styling.

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Featured Designer:

Eve of Milady

June 21-22, 2024

Eve Muscio’s couture wedding gowns are known for their exquisite lace, beading and embroidery. Eve’s Bridal Philosophy is “a bride should impact with opulence, timeless elegance and perfect fit, traditional yet modern at the same time.”

What is a Trunk Show?

A Trunk Show is an organized event set up between the bridal salon and the featured designer on a specific date. During this event, the newest collection is available for viewing/ordering.


There are incentives to purchase during this event so please keep the following in mind when attending a trunk show event:


  • Appointments are required for a trunk show event. They often book up quickly so remember to schedule appointments in advance.


  • Only schedule an appointment if you are interested in the featured designer. This designer will be the main focus during this date so if their collection is not what you are looking for, you may want to make an appointment for a different date.


  • Please bring a person you feel will help with your decision. Savings are available on your purchase during a Trunk Show event only and will not be available at a later date.


  • Some people are under the impression that during a Trunk Show you purchase items and take them home during the event. This is not true. A Trunk show allows you to order new merchandise in the correct color and size. You can also specify special changes on your order.


  • A Trunk Show may give you the opportunity to personally meet the designer or sales rep if this is arranged.


  • Photos are not allowed during this event unless you purchase an item. This policy protects the designs featured so they cannot to be duplicated. We do this out of respect to our designers.


  • If you are unable to keep your appointment, please contact the salon right away so others can take advantage of the event.

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